PhD in Political Economy

The field of political economy applies tools such as game theory and empirical methods for causal inference to the study of political institutions and behavior. The University of Chicago’s new PhD program in political economy offers an extraordinary opportunity to develop these skills in preparation for a career in academia. Staffed by an outstanding group of faculty in the Department of Political Science and the Harris School of Public Policy, this program provides accelerated training in formal theory and statistical methods alongside deep engagement with political science. With a supportive faculty, a curriculum expressly tailored to questions in political economy, immersion in the rich seminar culture of the University of Chicago, and strong financial support, students in this select program get an early start on research and writing. There is no better place to study political economy.

Faculty in political economy at Chicago have research interests in a broad range of empirical and theoretical topics. We encourage students to pursue research wherever their intellectual interests lie, whether that means working within an established scholarly tradition or exploring new topics from the perspective of political economy. Prospective students submit a single application directly to the Ph.D. program in political economy.

In The Spotlight:

Molly Offer-Westort

2024 Andrew Carnegie Fellowship

Molly Offer-Westort receives 2024 Andrew Carnegie Fellowship. The award will support her work emphasizing the human aspect of online study design and measurement, enhancing research infrastructure for social scientists studying social media platforms.

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Kevin Angell

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Kevin Angell, PhD student in the Political Economy program, has received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program award.

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Monika Nalepa and Andrew Eggers

American Political Science Review (APSR)

Profs. Monika Nalepa and Andrew Eggers join editorial team for APSR.

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Kyiv School of Economics

Education and Resilience in Kyiv

Under siege, the Kyiv School of Economics has managed to expand, track Russia’s war debt, and build bomb shelters for schoolchildren. Two University of Chicago professors witnessed that resilience while teaching there this year.

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William Howell

Will Howell’s Guggenheim

Prof. William Howell is a leading political scientist who has written widely on separation-of-powers issues and American political institutions, especially the presidency.

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